OUr Staff

  • Albert Rossodivita


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    Born: West Palm Beach, FL

    Education: The King's Academy, Asbury College (B.A. History Secondary Ed.), Palm Beach Atlantic University (M.A. Ministry), Asbury Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity)

    Family: I'm married to my amazing wife of 27 years, Cristina. We have two great kids 16 & 13 years old. Oh yeah, our dog is pretty cool too. 

    Work Experience: Teaching, Youth Ministry, Starting Overseas Missions and planting churches. I also was a bag boy, worked at a movie theatre, worked at at gym, delivered pizzas, painted, did electrical work, and had a paper route. Hahaha. So good.

    Favorite Pastimes: I love being a husband and a dad. I'm good at it. I also love surfing, reading, writing, playing bass and creating. Of course, I'm a big Dolphin fan.

    Favorite Movie: Jerry Mcguire. I cry every time.

    Favorite Superhero: Hulk is strongest there is! But I am also a Batman fan.

    Favorite Music: I love this old Christian Band that got me through high school and college - the 77's, I used to like U2. 

    Favorite Sports: Surfing and football. 

    Favorite Authors, Links or Books: Tolkien, Wangerin Jr., Witherington, McManus, Comics. links - www.puravidamissions.com

    Other: I love Vintage and I love helping people transform their lives in Christ. I drive the rest of the team crazy because I think we can do anything with God's help. I believe that God has created us to change the world.

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  • Luke Day

    Worship Leader

    Born: May 12, 1995.

    Education: Palm Beach Atlantic University graduating class of 2017. I am a Fredrick M. Supper Honors Student majoring in English and minoring in History. I am a member of Sigma Tau Delta.
    Family: I am an only child, born and raised in south Florida. My parents homeschooled me. They are my best friends.
    Work Experience: I started singing on a youth worship team at the age of 12 at Calvary Chapel Boca. I led youth worship starting at age 15 at CCB. I was a bandleader for the CCB youth worship team later. I currently am a part of PBA’s Chapel Praise Team. Also, I currently lead worship for both CCB’s Single Mother’s Ministry and Men’s Ministry.
    Favorite Pastimes: I love spending time with my parents; I like playing video games, and I also enjoy discussing theological, philosophical, and political concepts with my parents, classmates, etc. I love singing and playing guitar for Jesus.
    Favorite Movie: Probably a tie between Up and Buster Keaton’s silent classic Sherlock Jr.
    Favorite Superhero: I am a devout Batman fan.
    Favorite Music: Phil Wickham, John Mark McMillan, and Skillet. I like contemporary Christian music and contemporary Christian worship in general.
    Favorite Sports: I enjoy watching college football and professional basketball with my dad.
    Favorite Authors: I have favorite authors for each category of literature that I read. Theology/Philosophy: Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas, Boethius, Blaise Pascal. Poetry: John Keats, Alexander Pope. Novels: Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, Mark Twain. Novellas: Joseph Conrad. Plays: Shakespeare. Short Stories: Nathanial Hawthorne. Political Philosophy: F.A. Hayek, John Locke, M. Stanton Evans
  • Niccole Cupoli

    Children's Ministry Coordinator

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    Born: February 15, 1995 in Melbourne, FL.

    Education: I am currently a senior at Palm Beach Atlantic University majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Ministry.

    Family: I have a sister, Rachael (which you know) and a brother named Ricky. I also have a dog named Reese who is 14 who lives with my parents. I am currently engaged to Ben Mason, he lives in Tennessee.

    Favorite Pastimes: I love to spend time with my close friends and family, as well as watch make-up tutorials.

    Favorite Movie: Probably Frozen.

    Favorite Superhero: Spiderman

    Favorite Sport: I don't really like sports. Lol.

    Favorite Authors, Links or Books: I like C.S. Lewis, and my favorite book would probably be the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

  • Brian Gaughan

    Assistant Pastor

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    Born: June 13th, 1977 Bergenfield, NJ

    Education: Toccoa Falls College - Bachelor's Biblical Studies, Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary - Master's Intercultural Studies,  Palm Beach State College & Andrews University - Teacher Certification courses

    Family: My wife since 2007, Karla and our son Calvin born in 2009 and adopted in 2015. Our families are mostly in New Jersey and Puerto Rico.

    Work Experience: Church ministry, urban missions, non profits and teaching K-12

    Favorite Pastimes: Family time, time with friends, reading, nature, long walks, swimming, travel & watching the Mets and Knicks

    Favorite Movie: All of the Rocky movies except the 5th one

    Favorite Superhero: Spiderman

    Favorite Music: Praise & worship, Gospel, Christian hip hop, Contemporary Christian

    Favorite Sports: Wrestling (the real thing, not WWE), basketball & baseball  

    Favorite Authors, Links or Books: The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson, various books by Dr. Charles Stanley, Billy Graham, A.W. Tozer, John Maxwell, Dr. Michael Brown and any book that helps me to grow spiritually and grow in my understanding of God's Word and the Christian Life